About us

About the International Business Center "Le Roi"

International Business Centre "Le Roi" is designed to provide maximum comfort and convenience of dealing with world-renowned corporations, international non-governmental and governmental organizations, foreign investors and representatives of the domestic business elite.

A distinctive feature of the "Le Roi" Business Center is the principle of club membership. Our tenants are automatically members of the "Le Roi" club and enjoy unique privileges. In addition to traditional services, which Business Centers have, available to tenants of "Le Roi" is not only a large range of carefully selected additional services at prices below market rates, but significant discounts and bonuses at the best Chisinau hotels, restaurants and clubs. The list of rendered service is constantly updated. Membership in "Le Roi" enhances the quality of life.

The design of an office complex implements European engineering solutions, Business Center meets international environmental standards and the highest quality standards of Western business world