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Office real estate

The phrase “the world will never be the same” has already become the motto of 2020. The feeling that the world is going through incredible events, and the expectation of major changes is among the majority of the inhabitants of the Earth.

A significant part of the office real estate market in the Republic of Moldova is located in Chisinau, therefore, we are mainly talking about it. At the beginning of the year, nothing foreshadowed trouble – the market continued to stagnate, since in recent years the development was relatively small, and there was even a shortage of supply in the segment of high-quality offices. If now there was a “normal” crisis, then the fall would have become insignificant, but the distance intervened. It has existed before, but rather as something exotic and advanced – for IT professionals or freelancers. In just a few weeks, everyone switched over to it en masse – from small businesses to large companies and government agencies. Now for the office market, the most important question is: how many employees will return to the offices? Undoubtedly the majority, but for serious market shocks, leaving only 10% of employees at home is enough. To this will be added staff reduction, optimization of offices and workplaces, the use of flexible offices, which, as a result, may lead to an increase in vacant space at times and a decrease in indicators in 2021. significant reduction in the cost of office space. Subsequently, the companies will be able to lease office premises of a higher quality class “A”.