Best security

Architectural construction design.

Space planning design is implemented in compliance with the individual plan of the building with underground parking and based on the urban significance of the land plot. The building is rectangular, dimensions: 24.0х33.2m, 9 floors, skeleton construction of cast-in-situ reinforced concrete with curtain vitrage and lightweight (heat insulated) chamber ventilated walls.

Floor height:

  • underground (car parking) – 3.00 m,
  • 1st floor (hall, second light) – 3.60 m – 7,20 m,
  • offices – 2.70 m – 3,00 m.

External façade and territory

External walls are faced with ceramic tiles produced in Germany, stained glass (Czech tinted energy-conserving glass mounted in the frames produced by the company “Sapa Building System”, Sweden). Driveways and the territory of the building are illuminated and well-developed. The illumination of the building is turned on automatically in the evening and at night.

Office spaces: finishing and equipment


      • Glass and stained glass – tinted double-glass pane mounted in the frames by “Sapa Building System”.
      • Doors – exclusive with high-quality coating.
      • Ceilings – combined: white gypsum plasterboard and „Armstrong” plates.
      • Floors – synthetic fleecy flooring with high wear-resistance*.
      • Walls – glass wallpaper colored with incombustible paints of high wear-resistance*.
      • Lamps and fitting mounted in the ceiling.
      • Networks – routing with metal boxes of power and low-current networks (including phone, computer and Internet networks) with the possibility of supply to the work desks.
      • Heating and conditioning – fan-coils and chillers produced by company “Wesper” (France), with the possibility of climate control both in the framework of entire floor and in the framework of separate office.
      • Ventilation of all the spaces – combined extract and input ventilation – complete change of air in the office 6 times per hour; the incoming air is cooled/heated depending on the season. Smoking is possible within a separate office space with doors and windows closed;
      • Wall/door planning within the limits of the rented area*.

    Technical security system, fire security and alarm for all the spaces, monitoring of suspicious events, direct immediate and addressed signaling of ignition to 901 service.

    Common use premises


    • Floors in corridors and halls, as well as bathroom unit equipment – exclusive wear resistant cover by Granitto Gres Porţelanato (Spain) of appropriate colors.
    • Sanitary equipment – exclusive (made in Spain).
    • Doors – exclusive with high-quality coating.
    • Walls – tink with marble pylons.
    • Ceilings – combined gypsum plasterboard and “Armstrong” plates.