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Today, as the world continues to fight the epidemic, many organizations are actively pursuing their social responsibility programs. Social responsibility, which plays a decisive role in the country’s economic growth, is based on the correct conduct of business and the organization of working conditions for employees.

We can say that each organization must follow certain rules. One of the main measures that organizations around the world must take.

  1. Formation of emergency decision-making groups
    • Organizations should immediately form an emergency response team, such as an emergency response team or emergency management committee, that will be responsible for setting goals, developing contingency plans and ensuring that decisions are made as quickly as possible in various situations.
  2. Risk assessment and clarification of emergency response mechanisms, plans and division of work responsibilities

    • Many multinational companies have already developed an “emergency plan” or “business resilience plan” and are ready to implement it immediately in the event of an emergency.

    • In the absence of such a plan, the company should immediately conduct a thorough assessment of all risks, including issues related to personnel, outsourcing, government relations, the public and the supply chain. Based on the results of the assessment, the company must resolve issues of office space, production plans, procurement, procurement and logistics, personnel safety and financial resources.

  3. Development of a mechanism for positive interaction with employees, customers and suppliers and the creation of standardized communication documents.

    • It is important to stabilize supply chains and the identity of employees and external partners, as well as optimize information dissemination and customer service management to avoid creating negative public opinion due to careless or inconsistent actions.

  4. Maintaining the physical and mental health of employees and analyzing the nature of the various functions and jobs to ensure proper resumption of work

    • A recommendation for companies to immediately provide flexible work and vacation schedules using technical means to provide remote or remote work for a specified period.

    • In addition, organizations should establish a staff health monitoring system and ensure the confidentiality of employee health information.

    • The organization should ensure a safe working environment through mandatory cleaning and disinfection of workplaces in accordance with national and regional sanitary and hygienic requirements of health authorities during the period of spread of infectious diseases.

  5. Focus on supply chain risk response plans

    • Multinational companies usually foresee the use of “back-up” office space, manufacturing facilities, and supply chains of raw materials and supplies in different countries or regions in advance in order to quickly relocate work from “contaminated areas” and avoid interruptions in production due to lack of capacity or resources.

    • At the inventory management level, organizations should consider extending the inventory cycle due to low consumption, corresponding increases in finance costs and pressure on cash flow.